Create A Strategic Marketing Plan To Crush Your Competitors

We believe this is the MOST VALUABLE service we offer! 

Hands down and above everything else, having a strategic marketing plan for your business will generate increased revenue month after month, year after year!

We will work with you on developing a proven formula that will attracting new buyers, re-activating old customers, generating tons of referrals and reliably increase your profits on autopilot!

For over 2 decades, we’ve helped business owners in many niches create winning sales and marketing campaigns and then teach them how to automate them for repeated success.

Our unique “Profit Pipelines Program” works with both products and services and over the years we’ve assisted companies and entrepreneurs who heal the planet or the people on it with products or services like Chiropractors, Martial Artists, Hypnotherapists, Yoga & Wellness Spa’s and Plastic Surgeons.

WHAT? Customers aren’t knocking down your doors with their wallets open to pay you?

Isn’t A Good Product/Service Enough?

Just because you started your business and put up an open sign, doesn’t guarantee people will call, email or show up to pay you. IF you do not have an aggressive and strategic marketing plan in place, it won’t be long before you feel like you are sinking and gasping for business survival.

Time To Think Outside The Box And
Grab Your Prospects Attention!

Not sure what or when to market to your customers or prospects?

In just about every business we’ve worked with we found that increased frequency and variety of marketing strategies resulted in increased sales.

Having a consistent and reliable marketing message revived old customers to come back and purchase more and then even refer more business. In fact, this is the ONLY way we know of to eliminate “slow” business months throughout the year.

What you get with the Profit Pipelines Program

Almost 2000 Different Marketing Ideas!

We will work with you to schedule out creative, wacky and relevant marketing messages, specials and packages for every week of every month of the year.

WAIT! Before you say, “Who would market to their customers THAT frequently?”. Do you think any of the big name brands (in ANY country) stops their marketing even for a day? NO, they don’t, so you shouldn’t either.

How do you do it without breaking the bank in the process? Well that’s where the “strategic” part of the planning occurs and the messages, specials and packages will be spread out in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Blog Articles
  • Pinterest/Instagram
  • Product/New Service Launches
  • Seminar/Workshop/Webinar Themes
  • Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn Posts
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Online/Offline Contests
  • Press Release Ideas
  • Micro Niches within your database
  • Referral Programs
  • Video Live-streaming
  • and so much more…

We have accumulated almost 2000 different marketing ideas that you could use at specific times to promote your business/brand and boost your revenue while building a loyal and dedicated clientele.

You will never be stuck for what to write or talk about on social media and whatever you do, it will be strategically designed to drive more sales to your business.

Imagine how satisfying it will be after coming up with a new piece of content… sending it out to your customer base or social media tribe… and seeing orders come flowing in…

The Profit Pipelines Program Delivers:

Promotional Ideas For The Entire Year
What that means for you is, you’ll do it ONCE 80-90% of it you can duplicate year after year.

365 Days Worth Of Topics/Themes You Can Use For Your Marketing Campaigns
What that means for you is, no random, pointless, time wasting blogs, social media or emails and you and your staff can be in synch with promotions, sales and communication.

Out Of The Box Options For Getting Past Inactive Clients/Customers Active Again
What that means for you is, standing out from the clutter of sales messages, opportunity to show some of your personality or corporate culture while reselling to people who have already shown that they’ll trust you with their money.

Why Profit Pipeline Is Essential For Your Business?

When you have the Profit Pipelines Program in place you will simplify your everyday business growth tasks and create a “road map” for you and your support staff to achieve greater success. You will eliminate last minute running around, putting fires out and missed deadlines for your promotions.

Profit Pipelines will increase brand recognition, generate higher and more consistent market penetration while boosting revenue and profits. It will give your business focus and unified direction while gaining market share and crushing your competition.

To open up your profit pipelines today and start the flow of customers and profits, call us at 604-825-4245.

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