Direct Mail Is Making A Comeback!


Create Eye Popping Direct Mail Campaigns
That Will Have Your Customers Overloading Your Phone Lines
With Orders And Make Your Business/Product/Service The Only Choice They Consider!

Direct mail campaigns are making a come back and yielding huge ROI, sometimes even better than modern, conventional strategies.

Millions Using Direct Mail

Direct Mail Has Something The Others Are Missing

What makes direct mail an effective tool for standing out among your competitors?

There are many small/medium business owners and entrepreneurs who are making millions of dollars using direct mail, you could join them with a well planned, professionally developed direct mail campaign.

Direct mail (when done correctly) has something that social media, flashy billboards, pointless radio/TV commercials, print ads and any of your current advertising is missing.

Hands on interaction, without the appearance of pressure to purchase!

Creative direct mail campaigns are targeted and communicates very specifically about your audience needs, entices them with a compelling story and presents them with an irresistible offer they can’t refuse.

If you want to stand out from your competition and grow YOUR business… add NEW customers and sell MORE to your existing customers. Direct mail has shown to be very effective in INCREASING profits no matter how bad the economy is, even if your competitors are suffering.

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Direct Mail Is Better Than Ever. Here’s Why . . .

Don’t Listen To The Critics

Despite what the critics say, business in direct mail advertising is actually growing and will only continue to rise in the coming years.

Advantages Of Direct Mail Over Other Forms Of Marketing:

Less Competition… Means Capturing Prospects Attention:
Yes, businesses are mailing less frequently than the past, but that only means your direct mail campaign will stand out and won’t be caught in the clutter of the past. FACT: clutter of mail has migrated to inboxes instead of mail boxes.

What Does That Mean For Your Direct Mail Campaigns?

With less competition for attention and the positive anticipation of personalized mail, your prospects will gladly read your sales piece.

When combined with online marketing strategies, you will maximize your profit potential of your marketing efforts.

Hip & Cool Marketing has been doing Direct Mail Campaigns for over 22 years and brings a wide range of creative and effective strategies for getting mail opened, read and leading prospects to the next step of purchasing.

To schedule a Direct Mail Consultation to see if it’s the best use of your money, call 604-825-4245.

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